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  • BYP - Strong for Life.

    For a Strong Mind and Body.

Welcome to the Build Your Physique Strong for Life.

Strong for Life is about keeping your mind sharp and super focused so that you can create a reality that you enjoy.

When fitness and health is made top priority daily we empower ourselves energetically with ease through creating small simple changes that make a big difference.

Our Memberships and programs our aimed to set you up for success not only on your fitness journey but also tasty meal plans, nutritional guides and personalised training and support so that you can become strong in your mind, strong in your body and Strong for LIFE.

Feel Safe and Supported.

BYP Strong for Life Safe is a safe supportive community with a friendly and inclusive environment.

Health and Fitness

You have access to BYP’s Health and Fitness Experts with over a decades of industry experience.

Meal Plans.

As a BYP Member you have access to our exclusive certified sports nutritionist. Where you ca access tailored meal plans

Our Strong for Life Services.

You get access to BYP Strong for Life exclusive inside tools, knowledge, resources and guidance to become mentally and physically strong for LIFE.

These include;

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Personalised Training.

Not sure where to start or stuck in a routine? Personalised Training includes small group sessions, specifically tailored to help you get the results you want.

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Group Training.

Team training is a series of group fitness classes specifically tailored to suit different goals and abilities in a motivating, supportive, group environment.

BYP Nutrition Training

Training and Meal Plans.

Are you unsure where to start with your training or nutrition?  Or do you need some accountability? Then here’s your solution.

BYP Nutrition Training

Tailored Meal Plans.

With tailored meal plans makes it easier for you to eat right. BYP Strong for Life tailored meal plans are quick and easy to prepare yet charged with all the nutrition you need to stay strong for life.

What are you waiting for?

We’ll help you eat healthier, become stronger, fitter to live a fuller more energised life. You’ll find the supportive training will help you reach your fitness goals faster and easier.

Get Stronger
Faster Results
Love your Food
Safe and friendly Community
Improve Your Health

BYP Coaching Team.

Ben Harrison Owner and Head Coach.

Ben Harrison loves results and has helped hundreds of clients over the years.

He is a certified Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach, Massage Therapist, ISSN Sports Nutritionist Husband and a new father of a New baby girl.
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Rachael Harrison Coach.

I’m Rachael a mother of a new baby girl. I am a Certified Personal Trainer. I have had great success over the years in my own personal journey of both body sculpting and powerlifting.
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Rachael Harrison BYP Coach 250

What our customers say.

In 4 months and I have now lost 27kg, life-changing! In 2020 I will continue my journey for health and fitness at BYP and I’m excited to see the results! A massive thank-you team BYP (Ben, Rachael & Sharne) for everything!

Definitely recommend going down and talking to them if you have any health or fitness goal you want to succeed in!

All the coaches at BYP are very helpful and understanding.

I can’t praise them enough for making each gym session enjoyable and also rewarding.

BYP Members Results.

At BYP Strong for Life we are passionate about giving the community a safe space to learn and grow in their fitness journey.

Here are a few of our members and their results… see more here…